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Mikes Hobby shop and race facility in Carrollton, Texas. This track uses the 2012 SC Showdown series lay-out.

Watch round 3 of the 2013 Season 1 series SCT atMikes Hobby Shop Raceway lay-out 3, another epic battle between Series leaders David Joor (TX) and Martin Wollanka (Austria).

Download the 2013 Season 1 Round 3 A-Main merged replay file.

Scotty Ernst Short Course Showdown Round 7 SC 4x4 AMain Mikes Hobby Shop Carrollton TX
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2013 SEASON 2 - 1:10 SCT and SCT 13.5T SPEC - by TEKIN Mikes 3


report by Donald Stark (VRC race reporter)

A season for change
This season the short course category has been expanded to include both spec and open class trucks. For most that means twice the races and twice the fun. Change is good and many good things have been added this season. The virtual opponent system, target player and a new racing format are a few of the changes VRC has rolled out with season two.
The open class is just that open to all chassis and motor combinations, while the spec class is limited to 13.5, 3300 or 17.5 motors. The spec chassis is also limited to the bare minimum set-up modifications. The Idea is to level the playing field with fewer settings to worry about so that racers can focus more on driving.

New Season New Format
The new race format for season two was also introduced. In the past there were more rounds and more tries per round. Each race started with timed practice, qualifying, elimination and a final or main event: this system lasted for almost two weeks. The new format only has three rounds and runs from Saturday to Saturday one week of intense racing. The three rounds are as follows, pre-qualifying or timed trials, heat races, and finally the mains. The timed trials place a driver into the heat with nine other drivers of the same speed. Drivers are given six tries to better their race time and move up the leader board. Finally mains are set based on heat race performance. There are no bump ups in this system but the point structure is such that the first three drivers in the B, C, and D mains get extra points. This is in an effort to simulate the bump up without having to run extra rounds.

Racers Choice
In the heat race and main event rounds a driver now has three options, Virtual Opponent, Target or Solo. If virtual opponent is chosen the driver has the opportunity to race with the best times of the others drivers in his/her heat race. If target is chosen a red, grey or green target is sublimated on the screen to indicate the lead or distance behind the leader, and as always a driver has the option to go it alone in solo mode.

Race time
2013 SEASON 2 - 1:10 SCT 13.5T SPEC - by TEKIN
The spec class a main started with Eben Coetzee taking the early lead followed by Kirby Backemeyer, Nikolay Parkaev and Barnabas Toth. After passing the finish line on lap one Eben made a costly mistake that would allow Kirby to go by. For the next nine laps Eben put his nose to the grindstone and chipped away at the leader. Late into lap 10 Kirby made a mistake as he launched into the air in the rhythm section double Kirby hit the wall and nosedived the landing. This allowed Eben to catch Kirby and for two laps it looked like there was going to be a challenge for the lead. Eben’s concentration failed again as he hit the pipe on the ‘S’ turns leading to the finish line. Kirby pulled away and never looked back. In the end Kirby won by a comfortable margin 3.744 seconds.

2013 SEASON 2 - 1:10 SCT - by TEKIN
When the horn blew three drivers set out to do battle in the A main at Mikes, Martin Wollanaka, David Joor and Marcin Malinski moved to the front. The rest of the field never factored into this one, position four through nine looked like a carbon copy of the spec class top 5. For the first 9 laps the three leaders exchanged the lead on every turn. Early into lap nine Marcin cracked from the pressure as he turned hard into the pipe and lost valuable time. Then there were two, David, Martin; Martin, David the announcer yelled as the two continued to change positions. Then, “BLAM” Martin hit the pipe in the ‘S’ turns and it looked like he was toast. The lead seemed insurmountable. But Martin had his race face on as the laps clicked off he narrowed the gap second by second. By the half-way point of the race Martin was back into striking distance. On lap 16 the lead changed again and so it went for another four laps. On lap twenty David Made two mistakes in a row, at this level that could spell disaster but then Martin began to show signs of fatigue. David closed back in by lap Twenty-Seven but never made a full pass. Martin closed out round one with a win and 120 valuable points towards the series championship.

In the pits “IMO”
As with any racing organization there are always times when our competitive nature gets the best of us. Racers are always looking for that competitive edge, always trying to find a way to one up the next guy. This race had a few controversial conversations in the pits. Spec class participation, and motor size.

Pro’s racing in spec class
One racers point of view was that if you are a top racer in the pro class you should leave the spec class to the other drivers that do not make it into the top on a regular basis, thus allowing for the class to grow while developing the confidence of the participants. The other side was that VRC is a simulation and a practice tool. As such it is beneficial to run as many classes as possible to maximize the race time. The counter point to this was when the pro’s race spec it takes away the fun factor for the guys that don’t have a chance to win. Let the new guys have a chance to win!
I can see the validity of this argument on both sides; I believe the problem can be solved by dividing the classes into skill categories.

Motor Size
This season VRC has introduced a spec class to the off road schedule, “BRILLIANT” more classes more racing more fun. Now there is the argument that the “TITLE SPONSOR” Tekin 3300 motor is too fast for the spec class. The class is labeled 13.5 Spec by Tekin. On that ground I say that 13.5 seems logical but the 3300 is allowed in the class so now I have a choice. I choose the TEKIN 3300, this motor is smooth on power delivery and packs a powerful punch. This in my opinion is a no brainier. Pick the smoother faster motor simple solution. “IMO” When we get to the larger outdoor tracks and that 3300 is screaming and you are wishing for more power you will be glad to have TEKIN power.

Final thoughts
The season opener has come to an end, in all there were 248 entries split over two classes. Countries from around the world were represented and everyone involved had a great time racing from the comfort of their homes. VRC Pro is truly a one of a kind game that provides countless hours of highly competitive racing on a world wide scale.
Cya @ the Races


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20.04.2013 [10:34]
Thanks Donald, great report!
16.04.2013 [13:08]
Great work! Thanks Donald!
16.04.2013 [10:58]
Thanks Donald, great report!
16.04.2013 [08:15]
Splitting up the field into the 3 groups will be here soon enough, no worries, it is already in the works! :D

Excellent Writings Donald! This is a Wonderful addition to the not so exciting news page, lol.
Please, keep that up!!! hehe.
15.04.2013 [23:04]
just noticed that Donald is the author :-)
very nice work Donald, thanks
15.04.2013 [21:40]
Thanks guys I tried hard to make it interesting, and informative in case we get some out side interest that may promote the game even further.
15.04.2013 [21:32]
I am kind of in the same place Kirby, so I agree with racing both.
15.04.2013 [20:48]
Nicely done Donald, Thanks for reporting!
15.04.2013 [20:23]
Donald, excellent work.
15.04.2013 [19:48]
Thanks for the great report. Interesting to read what's going on.

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