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VRC bash pit indoor track, perfect for 13.5T short course trucks...

Bashing and stunting at VRC Bash pit.
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2016 SEASON 1 1:10 SC TRUCKS 13.5T SPEC ROUND 2 Bash Pit Short

03.03.2016   0 comments   Video: 1 available


Report by J-P.Huhtala (VRC race reporter)

2016 Season 1 and round 2 Bash Pit Short
After start of the season, at RC Exitement, it was time for second round, what was held in Bash Pit Short track. It waa nice to noticed that those top drivers from season start, was also in here. Rössler, Nelson and Hillman, who made that season start very exiting, were those guys to watch also in here.
Of course, track was different and anything could happend. And we just wanted other drivers to stand up and challenge these season leaders.

When qualifying round was held, our wishes came true. Other drivers had clearly stand up and there were different guys at top when round ended. Brasilian Sandro Cabreira was in pole with 2.2 seconds margin to USA driver Tony Dugan, who got the second grid. USA driver Greg Nelson, who was figting for the win at season start, got the third grid. His margin to pole was 3 seconds.
Indonesian... read more

Event report for: 2016 SEASON 1 1:10 SC TRUCKS ROUND 2

07.02.2016   1 comment


Race Report by Larry Blair (VRC Pro Race Reporter)

Race number 2 of the pro short course series was held at vrc bash pit short and with a lot of returning drivers in the A main the points standings is now in play! All of these drivers displayed speed and patience with every lap and made very few mistakes to boot. In the end, speed and power would be the difference.

Robert Hillman was the man to beat in this race but nobody could catch him! He started out the race by pulling out to a huge lead and it lasted the whole race. Every lap was a pure demonstration of speed and what you can do with it when your a good driver. Robert finished 1st on the podium and posted 36 laps with a fast lap of 11.1 and a race average of 11.6 with a top speed of 44.1 km/h / 27.4 mph.

Manuel Büssing had to fight tooth and nail to secure 2nd spot on the podium. He displayed what it takes when the going get... read more

2013 M-Auto Benelux Cup Short Course Trucks – Race 1

06.11.2013   4 comments


Aan de eerste wedstrijd voor de Benelux Cup hebben 30 rijders deelgenomen, dat aantal kan dit seizoen alleen maar groeien.

De spannendste klasse was ongetwijfeld de Club rijders klasse. De 8 minuten durende finale werd op het scherpst van de snede uitgevochten. Lang zag het er naar uit dat Gijs Verkoyen (NL) de wedstrijd zou gaan winnen, maar een verkeerde landing na de grote sprong in de voorlaatste ronde, gevolgd door te veel haast om de verloren tijd meteen weer goed te maken, zorgden ervoor dat zowel Yolan (BE) als ook Richard Kema (NL) uiteindelijk voor hem eindigden. De strijd om de 2de plek werd met slechts 0.07 sec. in het voordeel van Richard beslecht, een fotofinish dus.
1 Yolan De Weerd BE 36 08:06.720
2 Richard Kema NL 36 08:10.228
3 Gijs Verkoyen NL 36 08:10.297

Bekijk de HD video van de finale en zie hoe Bart zijn race vergooit en hoe Yolan uiteindelijk de overwinning pakt!

In Sport ging de overwinni... read more

2013 Season 4 Round 2, short course trucks

30.10.2013   6 comments


Report by Donald Stark (VRC race reporter)

Late October 2013 the ghost and goblins are dusting off their costumes for Halloween and VRC is breaking out the bash pit for some series races. The turnout for this week’s race was amazing with a total of 376 entries over the six categories’. The bash pit track is set up to run two different configurations, short and long. The short configuration allows for 11 second lap times and the long version gives it up at a rate of 14 seconds per lap. Both tracks are very small but they are extremely fun and competitive.

Race Report

SHORT COURSE 4WD 13.5T Pro class
The 13.5 Pro A Main, starting order was Nicholas Loriot, Francis Wathlet, Rob Gillespie, J. Djay Delcourt, Maxime Noble, Nicholas Evans, Anthony Honstain, S. Skrowronski, John Trottman. At the start Nicolas Loriot used the pole position to his advantage and got as far out front as he possibly could, his line was tight and ... read more


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