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Hokusei track, located in the middle of Japan, host of several JMRCA Japanese Nationals. For Japanese standards the Hokusei track is very big and wide. It has a nice fluent layout but is still very challenging.
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1:8 Nitro GT3n/a
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1:10 Electric on-road 17.5T Clubn/a
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1:8 Nitro buggy Specn/a
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Report by Donald Stark (VRC race reporter)

The Series Points Race Heats Up
The “A” list of world class virtual racers take the drivers stand to contest for the championship in Japan. This week’s race was round 4 of 6 in the championship series. The top 14 in the points have raced round 1-4 but like Nostradamus, I’m going to make a prediction. Martin and Hiromu will be one and two when the dust settles. Both drivers have set out a few races and have now begun to make the run at the top spots. In VRC the points are dependent on four of the six races, the leaders have a big points spread but that will disappear when point are adjusted.

Race Report
Hokusei track, located in the middle of Japan, host of several JMRCA Japanese Nationals. For Japanese standards the Hokusei track is very big and wide. It has a nice fluent layout but is still very challenging.
When the warm ups concluded the pit crews got the cars fueled and set in the grid. The horn sounded and they were off like a swarm of angry bees. Martin and Hiromu Jumped out to an early lead and the two swapped position then Hiromu began to pull away. At the end of lap 6 he had .808 of a second lead when he clipped the curb in the apex of the corner leading into the “S” turns before the finish line. Clipping the curb offset the car sending him bicycling into the wall. Turn marshal got him underway quickly but it was one mistake to many at this level of competition. Giorgio tried to make it interesting for a few laps but he also started making mistakes and Martin took the lead and stayed on the pipe to the finish.

1 Martin Wollanka 70 20:10.710
2 Hiromu Fujii 70 20:15.790
3 Giorgio Mingotti 69 20:09.614
4 Antonello Parisi 68 20:06.824
5 Alexey Babchenko 68 20:15.960
6 Mackan Göransson 67 20:01.854
7 Frédéric Accomasso 67 20:07.612
8 Graham Raistrick 67 20:14.930
9 Massimo Aliprandi 66 20:04.740
10 Barnabás Tóth DNS

Full results at the event webpage.

In the Pits
Different strokes for different folks, whatever floats your boat, 6 in one hand half a dozen in the other. These are different ways of saying; “have it your way.” The driver camera in VRC offers so many different viewpoints that everyone can literally see that game from a different point of view. When I first started playing VRC I was racing real RC cars so I was a purest. I thought that if I was to get the best practice possible I would have to run from the rostrum. I came back to racing just about a year ago and realized that the game was not very fun. Off road was out and I liked the tracks ok but I was just not competitive. I began playing the game from different viewpoints. I race some club races from the rostrum and some from the TV camera and always race official offroad races from the follow mode.

The fun factor is the name of the game for me and from follow mode in offroad I feel the track the same as when I used to race motocross. 1/10th scale RC traveling at 30 miles per hour is the equivalent of 300 mph. The burst of adrenalin I get from double triple at Silver Dollar last for half a lap. Some of the on road tracks with the 1/8th scale nitro cars are just incredible when you find the zone and just start clicking off laps. With some practice I began to run in the top 50 in follow mode. I will tell anyone this is how I like to play the game I have more fun and I am more competitive. It is a win, win for me.

If you get bored or just find that you would like to be closer to the front of the pack try driving from a variety of driving positions. You may find that the game has more to offer than you had previously imagined.

As always have fun


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(Total posts: 9)
28.05.2013 [19:53]
I'll switch rostrum positions depending on the track. Especially if I can get a good view down the middle of the chicanes. LRP 2007 and 2012 I like being on the left. Collegno, I like to be on the right. Big fast tracks, I need to zoom out, even with the velocity zoom. Slower tracks, I like to be zoomed in more. Small tracks, I prefer a medium zoom.

When I am practicing, I try to practice from many different spots, and with a zoom that is similar to what I feel my actual FOV would be for the specific track. Most of the tracks I run at are a first-come, first-serve when it comes to choosing a spot on the drivers stand, so getting used to driving from one spot all the time can be a handicap if someone else steals your spot.
25.05.2013 [05:37]
21.05.2013 [22:10]
Always a nice read :)
21.05.2013 [21:17]
great job! nice to remind race ')
21.05.2013 [07:38]
Cool to have also an 1:8 report, many thanks!
20.05.2013 [16:14]
Donald Congratulations, great job!
20.05.2013 [15:16]
Rostrum, usually position 4-5, Zoomed all the way out, with 0 dynamic, and/or velocity zoom. Is my spot. :)

it is harder for me this way, and sometimes I can barely see my car, however, training for non-virtual RC has been AMAZING!!! Every day I run a pack, I feel more in control of my SCT!!!

Edited by author: 20.5.2013 14:17:08 GMT
20.05.2013 [15:07]
Nice article, Thanks..Ive driven in all modes, I fail in follow mode "though very fast and fun" ;p ..Im running Rostrum 8 with velocity zoom maxed out, fits me well atm : )
20.05.2013 [15:02]
Thanks for the nice report

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