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VRC Carpet 7 FB, designed by Farhaan Basha from South Africa. The 13 year old (!!!) designed this track for the 2016 Track Design competition and was chosen from some 25 designs as 3rd favorite!
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Event report for: 2017 VRC WORLDS 1:12 ELECTRIC SPORTSCARS 10.5T


Bailes, Saputra and Zimmermann divide the titles in 1:12 105T


This time we start with the closest A-Main in 1:12 10.5T Spec, which was Club level (see video). The 8 minute A-Main was between Zimmermann, Condes and Lavrentyev all the way, tossing top positions all the time. In the middle of the race it looked like Condes was running away with it having led most of it. But Lavrentyev was pressing hard with Zimmermann in the waiting seat to grab the cvhance when it would come. Lavrentyev started making small mistakes, in fact 3 times he hit the corner marker at the beginning of the back straight throwing him out of contention. Towards the end, with Condos leading, Zimmermann put more pressure on him and managed to take the lead 4 laps before the end, and didn't give it away.

CLUB class

1.|Henrik Zimmermann|DE|32|08:07.286 2.|Luis Condes|ES|32|08:07.422 3.|Denis Lavrentyev|RU|32|08:10.988 4.|Bryan Thomson|GB|31|08:04.836 5.|Jason Platt|US|31|08:14.374 6.|Fred Bondonnaud|FR|31|08:16.324 7.|Curtis Damm|US|30|08:01.080 8.|Johann Jury|AT|30|08:10.370 9.|Chanyoung Hwang|KR|30|08:10.448 10.|polo pilato|FR||DNF

PRO class

IN Pro it was Dana Bailes from the US all the way from start to finish. Just one small mistake in lap 21 which cost him 0.6 sec on his average of 14.4, incredible pace and consitancy. Yanigasawa from Japan was right on his tail though but a really bad lap 2 laps before the finish flag dropped him back 4 seconds and out of contention for the title. Mathias Nedrebø from Norway completed the podiom in Pro class, after a bad start he managed to come all the way from 8th to finish just 2 seconds behind Yanagisawa.

1.|Dana Bailes|US|34|08:12.556 1 2.|Michitaka Yanagisawa|JP|33|08:02.276 3.|Mathias Nedrebø|NO|33|08:04.896 4.|Daan Haling|BE|33|08:07.090 5.|Graham Raistrick|GB|33|08:09.158 6.|Reece Hodges|GB|33|08:11.394 7.|Andrea Giordano|IT|33|08:12.516 8.|Nuno Correia|PT|32|08:01.442 9.|Olivier Meunier|DE|32|08:08.208 10.|Balint Rezes|HU|31|08:00.186

SPORTS class

In Sports it was Saputra all the way, despite struggling the last 5 laps he finish a lap clear of runner up Fouiilland from France. The French man had a terrible opening lap and had to come back from 7th position. Nuno Lourenco from Portugal made a hard charge at the end of the race but missed out on 2nd by just 0.5 sec.

1.|Hijrah Saputra|ID|33|08:11.708 2.|Fred Fouilland|FR|32|08:04.300 3.|Nuno Lourenco|PT|32|08:04.856 4.|Manuel Weber|US|31|08:05.598 5.|Garrett Benson|US|31|08:10.188 6.|isla pesca|JP|31|08:11.238 7.|Tony DELMASTRO|FR|30|08:02.618 8.|Andreas Ruepp|DE|30|08:06.176 9.|Gaetan ANGER|FR||DNF 10.|Michael Bird|GB||DNF

In the combined Nations cup ranking it was USA 1st, Germany 2nd and France 3rd. Congrats to the new World Champions!


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08.12.2017 [17:19]
Well Done All

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