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The famous Pattaya track, home of the 2010 IFMAR Worlds and the Asia Contest by Bittydesign. This is the 2012 layout.

Without a doubt Pattaya is the largest r/c track the VRC team has released. With 450m long it is also the longest track, with laptimes over 50 seconds. A real challenge for both seasoned pro's and club racers!
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by our race reporter Don Stark

Event Coverage for Pro Class Mod SC & 1/8th Buggy
I have decided after a long break that I will cover the Modified Pro Class only. I will document the results for the other classes’ top 3 but I will only write up the A and B mains for the pro class. I decided to include the B mains because of the new DNS Factor mentioned later in this article. My event coverage will cover Short Course Modified and 1/8 Off Road Buggy Pro.

Short Course Pro A-Main
After several days of heated qualifying run only five drivers lined up to contest for the trophy.
1. Bryan Van Rijnberk, 2. Nicolas Loriot, 3. Barnabás Tóth, 4. Kirby Backemeyer, 5. Riccardo Berton

When the horn sounded Bryan hesitated and Nicholas took the lead in turn one. Nicholas squared up the big burm and shot out for a quad jump only to end up on his lid while “The Ripper” flew by. His lead however was short lived as Nicholas “The Lunch Box” passed him leading down the front straight and never looked back. From that point it was a two man battle for second between The Ginger Bread Man “Barnabas Toth” and The Ripper “Bryan Van Rijnberk”. While coming up the hill on the rhythm section the Ripper Jumped over Toth taking the second spot momentarily. The Ginger Bread Man ran as fast as he could to get away. The two completely contrasting driving styles made for an interesting battle Toth, smooth and consistent and Rijnberk wildly fast and out of control. Just as it seemed that The Ripper would steal the spot he threw it away again and again. In the end it was Nicholas Loriot taking the win followed by Toth and Rijnberk.

SC10 4X4 Modified Pro
1. Nicolas Loriot
2. Barnabás Tóth
3. Bryan Van Rijnberk
4. Kirby Backemeyer
5. Riccardo Berton
6. DNS Rob Gillespie
7. DNS Billy Caley
8. DNS Dan Marson
9. DNS Claus Didriksen
10. DNS Chris Sturdy


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11.12.2014 [02:27]
Very cool! Thanks guys.
05.12.2014 [15:12]
finally the video of this event!
10.10.2014 [06:42]
Hi Alex, Thanks ;)
09.10.2014 [20:11]
wow congratulations Nico it is fantastic result :-)

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05.12.2014   1 comment   Video: 1 available


This event is long passed but we did the video and now our commentator Mike Garrison from the US has... read more




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