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Psycho Nitro Blast - V edition - 2012 lay-out.
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1:8 Electric buggy Specn/a
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Event report for: 2016 SEASON 1 1:8 NITRO BUGGY ROUND 2

06.02.2016   4 comments


Report by Larry Blair (vrc pro race reporter)

Race #2 of the pro nitro buggy series was held at Psycho nitro Blast 5 and with an almost all new field in the A main, we find ourselves with a new winner and an early contender as the overall points leader on the season.

Marcin Maliński made his debut on the season with an incredible run posting a fast lap of a 38.7 with a total race average of 39.8. He stretched out his lead from the beginning of the race and was never challenged. Malinski made very few mistakes but when he did, he recoverd fast and got back in the groove and never really lost much time. At the end of the race he built a lead that would let him finish 1st on the podium by a 17.7 sec lead over 2nd place.

The real race was between 2nd 3rd and 4th. These guys were going back and forth the whole race and really matching each others line and lap times. But in the end consistency ... read more


19.02.2015   0 comments   Video: 1 available


2014 VRC World champion Marcin Maliński has adde another victory after his very successful Worlds campaign in December. At Psycho Nitro Blast Malinsky dominated the race once more. Martin Wollanka had a bad start and was trying to recuperate from it for the full 20 minutes main final, bit in the end he came about 12 seconds short to be able to fight for a first win in the 2015 season. Markku Honkanen finished 8 seconds down on Wollanka in third position.

A-Main final Pro class
1 Marcin Maliński PL 31 20:25.637
2 Martin Wollanka AT 30 20:00.400
3 Markku Honkanen FI 30 20:08.043
4 Javan Candy GB 30 20:10.268
5 Tobias Isaksson SE 30 20:17.654
6 Robert Hillman SE 30 20:17.949
7 Fredrik Boden SE 30 20:18.632
8 Björn Engman SE 30 20:23.543
9 Anthony Bruyer FR 30 20:39.383
10 Dennis Ioannou CY 29 20:15.849


02.04.2014   4 comments   Video: 1 available


Quintin Le Gall has scored a first victory in SC Trucks (modified) at Psycho Bitro Blast, just edging out the hard charging Toth (Hungary) and Stacey from Canada. With these positions Toth and Stacey are still in contension for the Season 1 Series championship.

A-Main PRO
1. Quentin Le Gall FR 9 06:19.614
2. Barnabás Tóth HU 9 06:21.014
3. Matthew Stacey CA 9 06:27.280
4. Nicolas Evens BE 9 06:33.069
5. Antoine Rossetti FR 9 06:33.583
6. Gergely Toth HU 9 06:33.757
7. Billy Caley USA 9 06:34.194
8. Michél Guggisberg CH 9 06:35.595
9. Claus Didriksen NO 9 06:35.986
10. Francis Wathlet BE DNS

2 Poor laps cost Jesse Burkhardt victory in Sport class, letting Series leader Robert Hillman by to score yet another victory in SC Trucks. Robert Sorjonen finished 3rd by just 0.6 sec. over Paul Field (UK).

1. Robert Hillman SE 9 06:33.689
2. Jesse Burkhardt US 9 06:36.608
3. Robert Sorjonen CA 9 06:41.135
4. Paul Field GB 9 ... read more


21.01.2014   10 comments   Video: 1 available


PRO Class

Former IFMAR World Champion and Team Associated works driver Neil Cragg from the UK has taken top honors at the first race of Season 1 at Psycho Nitro Blast '12. The 20 minute long final saw Neil coming out on top after a fierce battle with David Barcena from Spain and Barnabas Toth from Hungary. These 3 racers changed the lead several times, and only in the last 2 laps Cragg managed to drive away and to win with 2 seconds margin on the finish line. Hiromu Fujii from Japan and Dan Marson from Canada had close race together, but after 3 mistakes in the last 3 laps Fujii had to let Marson by to finish 5th.

A-Main PRO
1 Neil Cragg GB 29 20:12.480
2 David Barcena ES 29 20:14.854
3 Barnabás Tóth HU 29 20:17.874
4 Dan Marson CA 29 20:39.054
5 Hiromu Fujii JP 29 20:41.200
6 Patrick Auvinet FR 28 20:04.849
7 Matthew Stacey CA 28 20:05.718
8 Ivan Kuyda RU 28 20:18.774
9 Nicolas Loriot FR DNS
10 Dean Steenmans ZA DNS

Check out the video with our new race commentator Brian Tow... read more


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