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News of May, 2017

2017 SEASON 1 1:10 SC TRUCKS 13.5T ROUND 7 RC Exitement II


Report by VRC race reporting

2017 SEASON 1 1:10 SC TRUCKS 13.5T ROUND 7 RC Exitement II

RC Exitement II was hosting 7th round race of SC 13.5 serie. In PRO class Finnish driver Ilari Lamminsivu was unbeatable, this 19 years old talent was in top spot at qualifying, beating Britains Reece Hodges with 3s margin. In semifinal Hodges lifted his pace with one 10th in average, but still Lamminsivu was 2s faster. Third grid went to Hong Kong`s Carson Yeung. Yeung was way too far with his pace to challenge those two at front.
When grid was arranged for the A-main, Hodges was missing. So, with same fast and consistent style it was well expected that this would go to Lamminsivu. And he didnt let us down, he continued what he started and drove very clean and stable run. Well deserved win for Ilari!
Carson Yeung took what he could, second place was magnificent result and 9s gap to winner wasnt bad. Russian driver Valeri Kornilov started from the 5th grid and crossed the line in third place. Svoba who started from 4th grid, flipped his car at lap three and this helped Kornilov to gain to third place.

Ilari Lamminsivu(FIN) was unbetable in every round

In SPORT level Gaetan Anger, Sigurdur Elíasson and Niki Josefsson filled the podium. Anger was most consistent and crossed the line in first place. Elíasson instead had 3s mistake at first lap and this made his day harder. But this did not break his rhythm, and with his pace, he made great survive and got second place. Distance to Anger was 5.4s.
Niki Josefsson in third place had two mistakes, what gave him over 3s extra. These mistakes gave chances for Joe Killam to gain to third place, but Josefsson hold his nerves and was 0.6s ahead of Killam when race ended.

Gaetan Anger has dominated the sport level and has secured the championship

In CLUB level we saw Team America domination. Mike Howe was strongest and took the win with 10s margin before David Roupp. Third and last podium place was driven by Mark Thompson.
Roupp, Thompson and fourth place Manuel Weber had great fight, as these three were inside 0.288s when race ended.

Mike Howe was strongest at CLUB level race


A-main PRO

1|Ilari Lamminsivu|FI|30|08:15.566 2|Carson Yeung|HK|29|08:08.346 3|Valeriy Kornilov|RU|29|08:13.334 4|Arturas Svoba|LT|29|08:15.154 5|Tommaso Andreuccetti|IT|28|08:03.802 6|Marshall Kirkholm|US|28|08:05.429 7|Shon Harding|US|28|08:07.112 8|Stephen Halliday|AU|27|08:16.526 9|Reece Hodges|GB|DNF

A-main SPORT

1|Gaetan ANGER|FR|29|08:03.818 2|Sigurður J Elíasson|IS|29|08:09.198 3|Niki Josefsson|FI|29|08:13.603 4|Joe Killam|US|29|08:14.286 5|Vesa Inkeri|FI|28|08:02.129 6|Gary Crowell|US|28|08:03.697 7|Ry Kal|US|27|08:01.943 8|Thomas Fischer|AT|27|08:03.900 9|Anibal Menezes|ZA|27|08:11.277 10|Andy Garcia|UA|DNS

A-main CLUB

1|Mike Howe|US|28|08:08.891 2|David Roupp|US|27|08:01.403 3|Mark Thompson|US|27|08:01.675 4|Manuel Weber|US|27|08:01.691 5|Curtis Damm|US|26|08:00.343 6|Dorian Marcel|FR|26|08:08.914 7|Ernest Perry|US|26|08:17.712 8|Ryan Carlyle|ZA|25|08:05.472 9|Dani Tortuga|ES|DNS 10|isla pesca|JP|DNS


PRO level

1|Robert Hillman|470 2|Carson Yeung|434 3|Arturas Svoba|428 4|Tommaso Andreuccetti|418 5|Shon Harding|402 6|Marshall Kirkholm|347 7|Peter Haaima|293 8|Josef Angleitner|255 9|Billy Yeung|254 10|Erik Bottosso|236

SPORT level

1|Gaetan ANGER|480 2|Joe Killam|458 3|Vesa Inkeri|432 4|Gary Crowell|411 5|Gary Sundman|370 6|Anibal Menezes|361 7|Mike Bridges|336 8|Libor Nejdl|336 9|Benoit Plourde|290 10|Anssi Hartikainen|289

CLUB level

1|Dani Tortuga|478 2|Curtis Damm|450 3|Dorian Marcel|432 4|Manuel Weber|414 5|Christos Katsigiannis|354 6|Brammy Hansen|347 7|Mark Thompson|302 8|Min H Lee|219 9|David Harrold|207 10|Robert Davis|204


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23.05.2017 [19:21]

Thank you Pieter!

Will you add videos manually for this report:
2017 SEASON 1 1:10 ELECTRIC TC 13.5T SPEC ROUND 6 CRF Lausanne they dont appear with my updating...

23.05.2017 [11:32]
Thanks Jupe, great report as always!
23.05.2017 [06:06]
Thanks guys, nicely driven!
23.05.2017 [02:40]
Nice report and nice run Ilari!

Edited by author: 23.5.2017 1:40:31 GMT
23.05.2017 [01:42]
Nice report! Congrats on your first Pro win!
22.05.2017 [21:56]
Nice report Jupe!

This was mine first win in Pro class. Hopely someday I can get more :D

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