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News of July, 2014



US National champion Rob Gillespie has added another victory to his laurels, edging out Nicolas Loriot (FR) and Billy Caley (US) after a hard fought 8 minute A-Main final at the 2013 Shout-out layout of RC Excitement. All 3 front runners lead the A-Main for several laps, the race was decided in the last 3 laps! In the end less than 2 seconds were between the 3 podium finishers.

7 Seconds trailing the leading trio Barnebas Toth (HU), Kirby Backemeyer (US) and Antoine Rosseti (FR) had a race of their own, with Toth securing 4th in the last lap, and Rosseti passing Backemeyer to claim a top-5 finish. Martin Wollanka who leads the Series and TQ-ed wasn’t able to start this race due to ‘real life’ r/c racing commitments. With 3 drop results in the 8 race series he can afford to skip 1 or 2…

A-Main final:
1 Rob Gillespie US 30 08:01.077
2 Nicolas Loriot FR 30 08:02.540
3 Billy Caley US 30 08:02.957
4 Barnabás Tóth HU 30 08:09.560
5 Antoine Rossetti FR 29 08:00.332
6 Kirby Backemeyer US 29 08:00.403
7 Matthew Stacey CA 29 08:04.680
8 Austin Hauch CA 29 08:06.429
9 Derek Sousa CA 28 08:08.177
10 Martin Wollanka AT DNS

Series info at:


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25.11.2020 [11:01]
Right make the philosophy that how you could learn and why you need to learn reviews after that consider in what limit can you without issues digest the small puzzling things. These issues simply be counted inside the instructional foundations.
29.08.2014 [10:35]
Gratuluju :)
23.07.2014 [20:02]
its cool to see your local track on a sim !!
11.07.2014 [17:34]
Merci Mathis ;) This was a great race! Congrats Rob!
11.07.2014 [17:26]
Bravo nico :)

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