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News of September, 2013

Season 3 Round 5 “RC Excitement 2013



Report by Donald Stark (VRC race reporter)

What does 3D Suspension and RC Excitement 2013 have in common? They are both fresh off the drawing board and both were the starts this weekend. After many comments concerning the set-up problems associated with the new model it seems that lap times began dropping like prices at Wal-Mart on Black Friday.

The Track
RC Excitement 2013 is a nice little track with great traction and mild jumps that flow through a 10 turn layout. Driving smooth tight lines is the way to run a fast lap. In order to do this the setup is paramount, this led many drivers to reach into the set-up files and begin testing. Some great files were released and the competition heated up. I predicted that a high 14 second lap would be possible but it turned out that the best lap on RCE 13 is, 15.457 by Nicolas Loriot.


The chassis in the 13.5 class does not support many adjustments at all so all competitors are closely matched. The Modified chassis has as many adjustments as the real models they resemble. One cool thing here is the changes are easily adjusted and tested and adjusted again. If you go to the tips section of you can find set-ups galore. I went racing last night and my truck was fairly dialed in but rear shocks would kick off the big jumps. I think I need to run a thicker shock oil on this particular track but I will have to wait until next week to try it out. In VRC I can do it now. This is just one more reason to love VRC.


Well as you may or may not know, we are five rounds into a six round season and the competition is heating up. As the chants on the offroad message board yells out 1/8 buggy, 1/8 buggy, 1/8 buggy, 1/8 buggy, 1/8 buggy, 1/8 buggy. The rest of us are making the best of what we have. Todd is testing the heck out of the 1/8 buggy, but he will not release it to Beta until it is working well enough for us regular folks. Never the less you can rest assured he is racing at a feverish pace just like Martin and David did this past week. The top three in the Pro Mod SC10 Class are, Martin Wollanka, David Joor, Nicolas Loriot. The top three in the Stock SC10 13.5 class are, Martin Wollanka, David Joor, Rob Gillespie.

It has been a great week or racing as the season draws near to an end I am anticipating a great finish in points.

As always have a great week,
Cya @ the races


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21.09.2013 [10:39]
Donald, as always, good job!
20.09.2013 [21:05]
Good work,tnx!
20.09.2013 [19:47]
Thanks for the report!
20.09.2013 [19:30]
Very good work!

Edited by author: 20.9.2013 18:30:18 GMT
20.09.2013 [13:33]
Good work Donald, as always!
And thank you also for the additional news about buggys.

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