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Name: Antoine R
Age: (restricted)
Country: France FR
Home town: (restricted)
RC Clubs: not written by member, tell him to do :)
VRC Clubs: CarsRC Racing Club, RUSTI DESIGN, Orange County RC Club, VRC PRO Fans Club, XtremRace, Scottish Off-Road RC, "TIRE KING" - TROPHY RACING, ORC-B Göttingen, VRCDRIVERS.COM, Virtual RC Racing League
Favorite brands: RUSTI DESIGN
Favorite VRC tracks: MHS Raceway 1, Rhein-Main, Silver Dollar 2 AMain
Best skill rating: 1:10 Short Course 4WD 13.5T   rating: 9.89 (Pro)
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Social status: Level2

Finals - 2WD Euros 2011 - Pau added: 04.03.2013

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20.11.2015 [02:03]
Antoine, super result!
03.05.2014 [04:09]
Just watched this now! Awesome race! Lots of big names in that race and a podium is amazing at EURO finals!

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Finals - 2WD Eu...

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