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Name: Gary C
Age: (restricted)
Country: USA US
Home town: (restricted)
VRC Clubs: JP Racing Club, #JQNATION, RCBALADE, 46RC VRC Club Racers, MUGEN-SEIKI Official Club, HOTRACE ® official club, Virtual RC Racing League
Favorite brands: Kyosho, Mugen, Losi, JQ, Hobbywing, Traxxas
Favorite VRC tracks: Phoenix Fear Farm, Pattaya 1, Padova IBR
Introduction: #traxxas Bandit power

Best skill rating: 1:8 Rally X   rating: 9.98 (Pro)
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Social status: Level0

RCGP - Round 8 - USA - RC 2 Final added: 23.03.2020

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30.09.2023 [06:57]
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05.05.2023 [12:03]
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05.05.2023 [12:03]
Oh wow! So cool. Summer 2023 has a new racing season papa's burgeria
14.05.2022 [17:23]
14.05.2022 [17:22]
28.04.2022 [10:31]
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27.09.2020 [02:57]
I love this track,I’m lucky to live within 45 minutes of it and race it often now

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