Welcome to the Team VRC Juniors

Hey RC Drivers!

This is the New VRC Junior Club!

Join for Fun and Nice RC driving :)

Club details

Club name: Team VRC Juniors
Created: 01.09.2013
Manager: Philipp Luetgert
Country: DE Germany
Home track: NEO-1
Members: 119
(Total videos: 5)
Stadium Truck A2
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Views: 994
Added: 16.12.2016
Alex Mueller
Master of Dirt ...
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Views: 926
Added: 16.12.2016
Alex Mueller
Sutherland Radi...
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Views: 397
Added: 22.11.2014
Ewan MacLennan
MCT Kulmbach Tr...
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Views: 324
Added: 25.08.2014
Sebastian W
sc10 2wd carpet...
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Views: 314
Added: 08.04.2014
Barend P.

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