Welcome to the MICRORACING

Welcome to this club.
This club has been created to make asphalt races and have a good time. See you at the track

Club details

Created: 28.11.2017
Manager: Marcos Garcia
Country: ES Spain
Home track: Melzo Oval
Members: 109
(Total videos: 8)
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Views: 838
Added: 14.01.2023
michael Zappa
Efra 1/8 the tr...
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Views: 489
Added: 02.04.2020
Marcos G
Neo 17
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Views: 957
Added: 22.02.2019
michael Zappa
Newb video
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Views: 549
Added: 10.12.2018
Derek S
WM 2017 1:12 Pa...
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Views: 1044
Added: 10.12.2017
Johann J
Modellbau Albl ...
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Views: 902
Added: 08.08.2017
Thomas F
VRC Carpet 2
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Views: 1352
Added: 02.06.2016
Johann J
Melzo SKAALA Cl...
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Views: 1249
Added: 17.02.2016
Johann J

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