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Club name: Mugen-Seiki International
Created: 19.04.2014
Manager: Philippe Gross
Country: CH Switzerland
Home track: Buenos Aires Speed Paradise
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HOW TO SAVE FUEL added: 03.05.2013

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Associated with track: VRC Super Speedway Oval Course

Although I have been exemplified Oval track, which I will comment applies to any track.

I conducted a study on how to save fuel for more laps without refueling.

As a rule and in general, we know that with less distance walked without making mistakes benefits us to save fuel.

But the study I've done is about getting the engine to consume less. Concretamento adjusting the carburetor with different values​​:

with this setting and with the engine idling consumes 5 cc. in 59 sec.

With the following settings, uses exactly the same:



But if we modify the following, consume different:
This consumes 5 cc. 57 sec.

This consumes 5 cc. in 61 sec.

This consumes 5 cc. 64 sec.

Based on testing, my conclusion is that the difference in fuel economy, mainly occurs during the moments that we stop giving gas. No carburetion influence in consumption when we are giving gas. But it does have influence carburetion settings in the car's speed.
For example: if you set "High-needle" to 90, consume less, but also the car runs less. But if the adjust to 55, the car will run more but will also consume more fuel. This commitment is what makes me hard to beat the riders listed below.

If you look at the conduct of Manabu and Graham at the Oval, we see that trying to do the least possible and give gas meters as quickly as possible. This, together with a good concentration and precision helps to get better times.


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27.12.2013 [16:37]
Posted by: Devin Byrnes (CA) on 27.12.2013 16:28:30 (UTC) For somebody who only drives e-buggy and has never driven a nitro buggy before, how should I be applying throttle to the nitro buggy compared to electric?

Sorry, but my experience is based on nitro. What I know is only for electrical practiced in the simulator.

But I'll give you some advice, if you can help. Nitro, softness is directly influenced throttle its carburetion clutch and development.

A smooth carburetion:


The development and functionality of the clutch is to have the same effect for an electric.
27.12.2013 [16:28]
For somebody who only drives e-buggy and has never driven a nitro buggy before, how should I be applying throttle to the nitro buggy compared to electric?
09.06.2013 [13:04]
This really helped me alot to get to 50laps without refeuling, thanx alot

Edited by author: 9.6.2013 12:04:45 GMT
07.05.2013 [20:21]
Thank You Jose!
Very helpful.
06.05.2013 [19:14]
Posted by: Jose M Macia (ES) on 6.5.2013 17:48:07 (UTC) Edward ok, but when they arrive the nitro buggy, this can be useful for long runs.

+1 Jose, Didn't think about that! Thanks!
06.05.2013 [18:48]
Edward ok, but when they arrive the nitro buggy, this can be useful for long runs.
06.05.2013 [04:45]
I'm more off-road, This gonna save me alot of time adjusting my nitro setups and fuel ;) Very helpful..Thanks Jose!
03.05.2013 [19:50]
When you see the video (in half an hour will be available) but look at the speed of each driver. This reveals that wore carburetion type.
Both Manabu, as Graham has been allowed to take the high agula more open than I, so they get a higher speed.
I have to get fuel to reach the 50 laps, I had to close the high to 84. What slows necessarily tip. Keep trying to improve that aspect, but without haste, hehe
03.05.2013 [19:39]
Thanks a lot for your help!
03.05.2013 [19:29]
I give five stars, thanks Jose for explanation.
This can help us to manage the speedway OC track better,
but the way todo 50 laps are very hard!
03.05.2013 [19:29]
Thanks Alex. Just trying to help a little, if at all possible.

I'm recording a video about the career of Manabu, Graham and I, with the intention that people can see when they want, and if you can contribute something.
03.05.2013 [19:09]
thank you Maestro for clever explanations, as ever,
it is very interesting, and i realize how bad my "nervous gaz fingers" reduce
my distance.
i need to watch Graham/Jose and others top pilots to understand more
Thank You Jose! :-)

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