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Club name: Mugen-Seiki International
Created: 19.04.2014
Manager: Philippe Gross
Country: CH Switzerland
Home track: Buenos Aires Speed Paradise
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montpellier Reversed added: 22.02.2016

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Associated with track: Montpellier

This is my setup for reversed!

Please tell me if you like it,

Engine, you have to tune it yourself!


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25.02.2016 [13:45]
I changed the Diffs to 10 10 9.
And bigger gearing!
23.02.2016 [20:52]
Posted by: Ralf H. Vey (DE) on 23.2.2016 19:53:34 (UTC) Very good setup. Thanks for the publication.

Thank you! Reverse is stil not my favorite :-)
23.02.2016 [19:53]
Very good setup. Thanks for the publication.
22.02.2016 [14:22]
Yes in my last run i drive it.
I change only the front diff to 10000
22.02.2016 [14:06]
Really Marc? Did you do your last run with this setup?
22.02.2016 [13:49]
Easy do drive and fast:)
This is my race setup thank you

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1:8 Electric buggy Spec
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