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Club name: CarsRC Racing Club
Created: 17.07.2011
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The basics added: 09.05.2018

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Without formal race driver development training many new drivers may start out frustrated for several reasons. Hope these tips will help dispell bad practices and turn them into good ones..

Accelerating (how hard to apply throttle)
From standing: squeeze the trigger steadily, either fast or slow) while watching your car's reaction to your input. They idea here is to keep the tires from breaking traction. Listen to how the motor sounds. Does it wind up instantly without climbing in pitch? You might be slipping your tires.

Braking (the basics)
First: pick the flattest/longest straight track and get your car going. Then, quickly (but smoothly) apply the brakes fully. Set your brakes using the electronic portion of the car setup menu. The idea here is to stop your car under full trigger (in a straight line) without it veering left or right. The car should come to a stop quickly but not violently. Pay special attention to the front end for the diving reaction. Too much and it may hook your car in a corner due to excess tire load on the front. Too little and you risk running wide in a corner or having your brake point be too soon, thereby, losing time (bad).

Both seem like basic principles but they just as crucial to get right as hitting the apex or choosing the right setup. If you can get the car around the track in a controlled manner then I guarantee you're confidence will skyrocket. You'll be well on your way to becoming a better racer with MUCH less frustration.


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21.06.2023 [02:59]
thanks for the tips
04.07.2018 [03:45]
Yes, good advice. Keep them coming.
02.07.2018 [16:40]
Thank you! I hope to add more tips as time goes on.
12.05.2018 [20:39]
great tips!

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