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Dedicated to 1/8th nitro buggy racing (and truggy when it arrives!)

Our aim is to have a good mix of events consistently running, some short some long, but all with the ability to run against other members replays.

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Club name: Central Scotland Off Roaders
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Country: GB United Kingdom
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Buenos 1/8 buggy (Reverse) added: 10.05.2014

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Associated with track: Buenos Aires Speed Paradise

This is what ive been using in my multiplayer sessions.
works quite well, mostly laps in the 41 range. Has done a 40.8 but is on the limit with my driving.
Let me know how you get on:D
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26.12.2018 [02:46]
nslij ess
11.08.2014 [17:28]
thanks for the setup!!
13.05.2014 [22:28]
Posted by: Claus Didriksen (NO) on 13.5.2014 21:21:33 (UTC) Great setup, wish i tried it before i blew all my 10 runs :) thanks!

Glad I could help
13.05.2014 [22:21]
Great setup, wish i tried it before i blew all my 10 runs :) thanks!
12.05.2014 [18:48]
Yes me neither, a screenshot would be nice!
12.05.2014 [06:10]
thanks for the setup mate
11.05.2014 [18:09]
Thank's for sharing the setup. I dont have all the car parts, could you do a screen print?

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