Welcome to the Central Scotland Off Roaders

Dedicated to 1/8th nitro buggy racing (and truggy when it arrives!)

Our aim is to have a good mix of events consistently running, some short some long, but all with the ability to run against other members replays.

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Club name: Central Scotland Off Roaders
Created: 12.10.2013
Manager: David Rolleston
Country: GB United Kingdom
Home track: Phoenix Fear Farm
Members: 94

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1/8 Buggy Spec Average 34.502 added: 11.03.2015

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Associated with track: Rhein-Main

This is one of my recent time trials with the spec buggy.
Averaged a 34.5 with a couple of slightly faster laps along the way.
Attached file: type=RPL, size=406.8 kB click to download


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31.12.2015 [08:51]
Ok, I'll have a look later.. Thanks for your quick response much appreciated..
31.12.2015 [00:09]
Posted by: Paul Fox (GB) on 30.12.2015 23:58:59 (UTC) what program do i need to download setups,its doing my head in

You download it and then paste it into the setups folder. There's a VRC folder in "my documents", the setups are in there somewhere so just paste it in with all the other ones. Then it should be available when you load up the game.
30.12.2015 [23:58]
what program do i need to download setups,its doing my head in

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Javan C
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1:12 Electric on-road Spec
9.96 (Pro)

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