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Created: 28.11.2017
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1:12 cars can reverse! added: 29.05.2017

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The new electric 'car setups' show the reverse options for all electric cars, but missing for 1:12.

I assumed reverse had not been provided for 1:12.
Then watching some 'Event' replays for 1:12, I saw one of them reverse out of a barrier! = much faster than using a marshal.

On testing, I found my default 1:12 car has no brake setup.
If I added to the brake 'Max' then I got reverse!
About 50% brake Max worked well for me - I found very high braking values would spin the car. Also best avoid braking mid corner, same reason.
Note when the battery runs down the reverse speed also goes down.

Ideally I would like the Devs to kick the reverse in sooner and not have to wait 1 second.
I.e. if the engine is stationary why do we have to wait? On a real ESC I can get reverse as soon as the engine has stopped.

I know that most racers are not used to having reverse - you can switch it off.
For the rest of us, using reverse saves time and means no marshal on the track in the real world.
Most VRC is run with collisions off, so reversing should not cause any conflicts.

In real 1:12 it's possible to use the flex on the lexan front bumper to gently bounce off track markers into a short reverse and thus self marshal. This also works with some Nitros. This is instinctive in the real world, maybe we get this one day in VRC Pro?

I'm also placing this issue in bugs - because I think the Devs intended 1:12 to have the same reverse options as the other electric cars, and the 1:12 setup help text says it should.

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